Friday, April 15, 2011

April - Fiber and a New Spinning Wheel

I'm not sure if the xmas holidays are more insane, or if April festivities are worse.  April brings the birthdays of both my children (6 days apart) as well as Easter and the changing of the season (oh, and let's not forget Tax day).  I am always SO GLAD when everything is over with and life can resume with some sense of normalcy. I do have a brief reprieve until the next wave of Easter comes through.

This month I have managed to spin another 8 or so ounces of the Jamaica blend!  Two full bobbins are now patiently waiting for me to spin something to ply it with.  And finally today I had enough time to pull some scrumptious Australian Polwarth top (in a lovely shade of chocolatey brown) out of the depths of the craft room closet and sit down at my newest spinning wheel  to try it out.  Oh drool.  This stuff is LOVELY! And so is the wheel.

This new wheel - it might possibly be my new favorite.  It is the Schacht Ladybug.  What a cute little thing, but ever so industrious.  I am quite pleasantly surprised with this wheel, and will be happy to post more about it in the next few days.  But first I need SLEEP.

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