Monday, May 30, 2011

Polwarth Progress report

I finally filled two bobbins with the heavenly Polwarth top that I started spinning a few weeks ago.  It is now ready to be plied with the Jamaica blend also previously mentioned.  I estimate that I will end up with a hefty pound of yarn when all is finished.  I can't wait till this yarn is finished!  I am simply aching to knit something with it.    I'll post again when it is done and I have photos.

PS) I haven't forgotten about the Ladybug review, I just haven't had much time to actually sit down and thoughtfully type it out.  I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spinning Class

I am pleased to say there are 4 new spinners in Utah.  My class with the Community Ed Department went smoothly and without a hitch.  Everyone was enthusiastic and took quite nicely to using their drop spindles.  I was a little worried that we had allocated too much time for the class, but it turned out to be exactly right.  We finished the class with 15 minutes to spare.  Unfortunately (in their excitement I presume) they departed before I could do a final demonstration on the wheel.  Ah, but they will have opportunity in the up coming weeks as I am planning several spin/knit meetings very soon.  What fun - I am always thrilled to see my students successfully spin their first yarn. I look forward to seeing how they progress.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got Bees?

It has been a VERY busy month!  Not so much in my spinning life, but life in general.  We have once again put our home up for sale.  This means cleaning, de-cluttering, cleaning some more, and then leaving the house whenever someone wants to snoop take a look at it.  It does tend to make life a little more hectic than usual.

In all the chaos, I thought it wise to cancel the honeybees I had on order (placed in December).  It really didn't make sense to acquire bees when I knew the possibility of moving was in our not-so-distant future.  We were sad, but accepted the reality of our circumstances.

We did decide though that we would take a field trip to at least see other people getting their bees.  Wow - what a sight!  Hundreds of thousands of bees, all packaged in neat wooden containers with screened sides. At least 4-6 pallets stacked full of bee boxes.  Escaped bees confused and aimlessly buzzing around, people coming and going, some with pick-up trucks for larger orders, most simply putting the bees in the trunk of their cars, but all of them with a nervous smile plastered on their face.  If only I would have remembered my camera!

We enjoyed meeting beekeepers and connecting with the local beekeeping clubs, seeing the bees, and wishing we would have kept our order in place.  Then the strangest thing happened...  In speaking with the organizer of the entire sales event, knowing that all the bee packages were spoken for, we were offered a package of bees!  In my weakness, I eagerly accepted the treasure box presented to me.  We rushed to the car with the same nervous smile as everyone else, put the buzzing bounty in the trunk and headed home.  About half way home I really began questioning my sanity, but kept going until we stopped in our garage.  We opened the trunk and gazed in amazement.  Now What??? 

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