Monday, January 09, 2006

Universe out of control?

The last several months it seems like many people are experiencing an increase in health issues, heartache, and just plain difficulties in general. The past few weeks seem to have especially accelerated the problems people are facing. Is it the release of the Holiday pressures? Or is the Universe telling us to SLOW DOWN?

We are having our share of the unfortunate wealth here at Warm Threads. After all of us being sick with the Flu/Cold/Pneumonia since Thanksgiving, we are now faced with the sudden and unbearable news that my 4 year old son needs heart surgery for a congenital heart defect. We obviously are devastated at the news, but at the same time know it is a good thing we found the problem early. Is this a blessing? or a curse? It depends which side of the coin you look at...

All fingers point to the undeniable fact that this MUST BE DONE no matter how upset we are about it. It will be far worse for my son if it is not attended to - with the most likely and almost guaranteed outcome being an early death. I would rather face the more optimistic statistics of the surgery - both for myself and my son. He has the opportunity to lead a normal and healthy life by enduring the pain of surgery - which I think is a worthwhile trade....

So what does this all mean? What is the Universe trying to tell us?
Perhaps we all need to slow down... Perhaps we need to pay more attention to our homes and families... Maybe we need to begin listening to our hearts again, rather than following the blind and sometimes greedy preachings of our minds... Let's leave the Rat Race to the rats... Is it possible that the Universe is trying to force us into the recognition that we need to tend to ourselves - and our Environment?...

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Anonymous said...

Christine, I am SO sorry about little Hunter. What terrible news to hear at any time. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

You make a very good point, slowing down and enjoying things is always a good idea.

It is indeed a blessing that you found out about Hunter's problems now.