Saturday, January 28, 2006

Inspiration through Color

Inspiration comes in many forms, from many places, and has infinite ways of expression. But something that I have found, is that inspiration often comes when it is peaceful and quiet (at least for me). Ideas seem to flow more freely when one is in a state of relaxation and in harmony with the Universe. It is with this Spirit that I am changing how I approach my fiber work and art. I seek to find deeper enjoyment in my creations.

Color has always played an important role in how we feel. There are numerous scientific studies on how color affects our moods and outlook on life... Have you ever noticed that the colors in nature seldom invoke feelings of hostility or aggression? Instead, they seem to inspire a sense of wonder, awe and peace - at least for me. The things we Love - our favorite color, food, place, person, or thing - also invoke feelings of joy and inner peace. They naturally brighten our mood and our day.

Considering these thoughts, I seek to find a new "Happy Place" through the use of color - Colors inspired by the things I Love... I look forward to sharing the results as I experiment with the use of color.

In this light, the format of the blog will be more consistent. Each month I will present a different source of color inspiration and the fiber to honor and compliment it. Enjoy!

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