Monday, September 05, 2005

Making Progress

Wow! Its really working! The FlyLady system has actually got me going. I am on my way to having a clean and tidy house! Yippee! What I found was that I really had to sit down and look at where all my time and energy was being drained. Yep - the computer. Now that I have greatly limited my time on it, I am actually getting things done, spending time with my kids, knitting and spinning, and just plain feeling better.

Here is what I did this week....

A pair of mittens for my Son - pictured before and after felting/fulling. I used Naturally Colourworks yarn and the Fiber Trends "Snow Country Mittens" pattern, size US 11 DPNs. It worked wonderfully! I am so pleased with the outcome of these - and my son loves them.

BUT WAIT - There's More! (See how much fun you can have when you're not online?)
A small pouch - using Luxury DK wool/mohair yarn and Fiber Trends "Pouch and Belt Bag" pattern, size US 10 DPNs. This yarn is FABULOUS for felting! I absolutely love the way it turned out! Next in line - A hat and some slippers! :)

And some handspun stuff I did while demoing at BOW...
And finally - Here's a picture of the Possum Lace Shawl I started on our road trip... It's an easy pattern, but I'm having too much fun with the felted stuff!

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