Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Favorite Circular Needle?

I am on the hunt for the perfect circular needle. One with a nice point, cable which does not coil, and a joint which doesn't snag my yarn. I posted the question about What's the perfect circ? to one of the Yahoo groups and here are the choices of those that responded.

Addi Turbos – 6 votes
Addi Naturas – 3 votes
Holz & Stein – 2 votes
Aero metals – 1 vote
Clover – 1 vote
Pony Pearls -1 vote
Crystal Palace Bamboo – 1 vote
Nylon “Taffy” Needles – no longer being manufactured – 1 vote

So it appears the clear winner is Addi. - at least so far....

I am now trying out several of these needles. I just got back from the LYS and Boy-o-Boy did I get a deal! They had some Holz and Stein needles left (these are no longer being imported) so I bought what they had. 7 circs, all 40" long (which is fine since I really like the magic loop method) in different sizes ranging from US1-13. A few Rosewoods, and a few Ebonys. How much did I pay? Here's the best part of all - Only $10 each! Boy was I smiling on my way home! :)

So I of course had to try them out right away - and they sure are nice. Very nice point, great join, cable is a little stiff like most, but managable after softening in some hot water.

I have a set of Pony Pearls and Balene IIs waiting for me to try out too. They are waiting patiently in my knitting bag until I find just the right project. What I really should do is knit a swatch out of the same yarn on all of them, so that I am comparing apples to apples. Anyway, I'll post about those as soon as I try them.

Also, Colonial Needle has just introduced some new Rosewood and Bamboo circular needles which I am anxious to try out. They are premium needles at a premium price, so I am hopeful that I will get what I pay for.

Addi Naturas will be my next purchase...

In the mean time - I would love to hear your Circular Needle Reviews. Please post and share your experiences!

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