Monday, April 11, 2005

Too much stuff

I've decided that I'm too busy and I simply have too much stuff. I feel like the biggest packrat I know! At the end of this month I swear I'm going to go through the house and do a major spring cleaning! That includes digging up all my UFO's and actually finishing them.

Right now the projects I'm working on include a test knit of the Zephyr top for SWTC (why I volunteered to do this, I don't know), a Pi Shawl, finish a lovely vest which was given to me, some new design ideas in felt, and a growing list of needle felting projects. Of coarse, before I can dig my needles into these, I first need to finish my tax stuff, have a birthday party for my kids, and do laundry (all tomorrow). Ah well. All in good time. If anyone comes up with a way to knit more time into the day, please let me know!!!

I'll put up pictures as I finish these UFO's and you can be sure I'll start posting some yard sale items to my website!

Geez it's late! Gotta get some shut-eye. Good Night!

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